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Matt Damon | Actor Profile,Bio and Photos 2012


Birth Name: Matthew Paige Damon
Birth Date: October 8, 1970
Birth Place: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Height: 5' 10
Sex: Male
Nationality: American
Profession:  Actor
Claim to fame:  As Will Hunting in Gus Van Sant' Good Will Hunting (1997)

Matt Damon Bio: Matthew Paige Damon was born on October 8, 1970, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His father, Kent, was a stockbroker, realtor and tax preparer. His mother, Nancy, was an early childhood education professor at Lesley University. Matt has one brother, Kyle, who is three years his senior. His parents divorced when Matt was two.

Matt Damon has since starred in commercially successful films such as Saving Private Ryan (1998), the Ocean's trilogy, and the Bourne series, while also gaining critical acclaim for his performances in dramas such as Syriana (2005), The Good Shepherd (2006), and The Departed (2006). He garnered a Golden Globe nomination for portraying the title character in The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) and was nominated for an Academy Award as a supporting actor in Invictus (2009). He is one of the top forty highest grossing actors of all time. In 2007, Matt Damon received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine.

Matt Damon has become known for choosing a wide variety of film roles, from his portrayal of Patricia Highsmith's anti-hero Tom Ripley in The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) to a fallen angel who discusses pop culture as intellectual subject matter with Affleck in Dogma (1999); from a conjoined twin in Stuck on You (2003), which got a mixed critical reception, to the low budget experimental film Gerry (2002), which he co-wrote with Casey Affleck and Gus Van Sant. Matt Damon garnered generally positive critical reaction for his Golden Globe-nominated portrayal of Ripley, with Variety stating, "Damon outstandingly conveys his character's slide from innocent enthusiasm into cold calculation."
 Matt Damon
 Matt Damon
 Matt Damon
 Matt Damon
Matt Damon

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