Saturday, 21 April 2012

Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Best Actors 2012

Hollywood industry is having a full of beautiful and very attractive actors more than world all other industries. Due to some best actors and actresses performances every year more than hundred movie producing by the director and producers, many of movies were flop too and many get awards. Here we are discussing about the Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors for 2012. Below you can see the ranking is all about Hollywood highest paid actors records for 2012.
 1.Leonardo DiCaprio : 77 million Dollars
 2.Johnny Depp : 50 Million Dollars
 3.Adam Sandler : 40 Million Dollars
 4.Will Smith :36 Million Dollars
 5.Tom Hanks : 35 Million Dollars
 6.Ben Stiller : 34 Million Dollars
 7.Robert Downey Jr : 31 Million Dollars
 8.Mark Wahlberg – 28 Million Dollars
 9.Tim Allen – 22.5 Million dollars
10.Tom Cruise – 22 Million Dollars

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